After divorce from Saif Ali Khan, because of this Amrita Singh did not marry for the second time!

Amrita Singh has earned a lot of name worldwide due to her excellent acting in the industry. Amrita Singh, the beautiful actress of the 90s, remains in the limelight, she has also given superhit films in her time. Amrita keeps making headlines about her films as well as her personal life.Let us tell you that Amrita Singh got married with Bollywood’s famous actor Saif Ali Khan. Amrita was touching the sky in the film industry at that time due to her acting. The pair of Amrita and Saif used to be one of the famous couples of Bollywood at that time.Amrita and Saif married each other in the year 1991 after going against the family members. Although it was not easy for both of them to get married, due to their different religions, Amrita and Saif’s family members were not ready for this marriage. But both of them got married without any care.

Actually, when Amrita Singh had made her mark in the film world, Saif Ali Khan had not even stepped into Bollywood. Please tell that Saif was about 12 years younger than Amrita. That’s why there used to be a lot of headlines related to them.

It is worth noting that after the marriage of Amrita and Saif, they also had two children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, but after spending 13 years together, their relationship started to crack, and gradually they grew more. Went. Tell had gone so far that both of them had decided to separate from each other. And in the year 2004, they got divorced and freed each other.

Let us tell you that after the divorce of Saif and Amrita, the court handed over the custody of their children to Amrita. Sara and Ibrahim used to stay with their mother Amrita but Saif also got permission to meet his children.

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Let us tell you that after divorce from Amrita, Saif Ali Khan met famous actress Kareena Kapoor in the film “Tashan”, and a relationship was formed between them. Then Saif and Kareena got married to each other in the year 2012.

Let us tell you that Amrita has never remarried after her divorce from Saif. This question also stucks to his fans a lot. But Amrita has never thought of a second marriage because of the upbringing of her children. Amrita has never remarried because of her children Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, she wanted to focus only on her child.

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